Quick Tour

K6TU.NET generates predictions using the VOACAP engine automated by software developed by Stu K6TU.

The idea behind K6TU.NET was to remove the learning curve behind VOACAP and at the same time, automate the generation of enough propagation predictions to enable their use as a planning and strategy tool for contesting and DXing.

Everything on K6TU.NET uses simple to understand forms that only take a couple of minutes to customize to your station and generate custom results.

All of the results are shown graphically with a color display showing the signal strength the transmitter will deliver across the world depending on the band and time of day & year. Quick and intuitive to understand even in the heat of a pileup or contest.

Here's a screen shot of the form to enter your own station configuration into our database.

Enter Station Configuration

It's THAT easy!

You specify the parameters for a prediction in much the same way - here's another screen shot...

Enter Prediction

The results are typically available in a few minutes (a LOT of computer time is required to generate these on a very fast server) - you get an email when the results are completed.

Here's some examples of the different prediction types you can generate.

Regular Prediction

Regular Prediction Results

For Contest Planning, use the Contest Strategy prediction to get the big picture view - 4 bands day and night on one page.

Contest Strategy

Contest Strategy Prediction Results

After the contest, upload your log and use the Log Analysis prediction to overlay the prediction results with all the stations you worked on each band and hour.

Log Analysis

Log Analysis Prediction Results

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